Master Hellish - Content Creation

Gaming geek, video creator and streamer! OpenTTD, transport, trains, rockets, space, sim and more! Also the home of Fantastic Free Games!

Over the years, we've explored numerous games, delved into tech discussions, experimented with coding, and so much more. We've grown from a handful of viewers to a community of thousands. But numbers aside, it's the personal connections that I cherish most. I take immense pleasure in the fact that through my Hellish content, I've been able to reach people worldwide, sharing our common passions and having a great time. Here are some amazing milestones that we've achieved:
Over 5,500,000 YouTube views
More than 16,000 YouTube subscribers
Over 820,000 hours of YouTube content watched
More than 2,700 videos and streams produced
A total of ยฃ14,270 raised for charity