AB Web Services - Web Hosting and Development

I offer a variety of web hosting and web development services to those who I already have a connection with. For small businesses in the Lincoln, UK area, I provide a straightforward package designed for those who require neat and simple solutions at an affordable price.

The Local Package

Get everything you need to establish your online presence with a simple and functional website. Whether you require it as a digital placeholder, a space to showcase your products or services, or a hub directing visitors to your social media platforms, a sleek and simple website can serve as an integral part of your business strategy. It's not just about being online; it's about maximizing productivity and engagement with your customers.

  • 1x Domain Name
  • 1x Hosting for 1 Website
  • 1-3 Email Addresses
  • Professional Simple Website
  • (Powered by Joomla CMS with Helix Ultimate template)
  • Professional Small Website Changes
  • Access to Make Your Own Amendments

Wondering how it works? Well, you start by sending over what you want on your site - this could be pictures, testimonials, contact details, a list of your services, and so forth. I'll then piece all these elements together, creating a user-friendly multi-page website where your information is neatly displayed. Once your site is ready, you'll have the capability to make changes and modifications to the content yourself, courtesy of the straightforward Joomla system. If your needs extend beyond this, such as requiring advanced features like booking systems or subscriptions, we can discuss these options further and negotiate a price that fits your budget for these more sophisticated functionalities.